Needs Assessment


This checklist is the first step in understanding the scope of your conference. This list will assess your basic needs and will help you to organize a successful event. Having this important information completed upfront will save you time and money down the road.

General Conference Information:
Conference Manager(s):
Conference Background:
Conference Attendee Profile:
Event Marketing:
Conference Sponsorship:
Conference Agenda/Content:
Conference Logistics - Speakers:
Conference Logistics - Site Selection:
Conference Logistics - Lodging:
Conference Logistics - Meeting Space:
Determine number and size of meeting rooms required for each day of the conference; be sure to include:

Ensure all rooms are large enough to accommodate your attendees and their activities

Determine potential dates and times required for meeting rooms

Determine audiovisual needs for each meeting space

Determine set-up style for all rooms 

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Conference Logistics - Audiovisual/Production:

Determine if you will use the in-house or an outsourced audiovisual / production company

List general audiovisual needs for the following:

Determine if you will need wifi or hard internet lines; specify wi-fi needs based on number of attendees expected onsite 

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Conference Logistics - Materials:
Materials you might need onsite:
Conference Logistics – Conference App:
Conference Logistics - F&B:
Conference Logistics - Transportation:
Determine types of transportation required:

Determine who will be covering these costs - attendees versus conference.

Will in-house or outsourced transportation services be used

What is the best way for attendees to book services? Registration, app or an outside website

If you book as a group, is it possible to get a discounted rate?

Consider working with providers to offer ride-share discount codes to your group 

List any special vehicles required (i.e., ADA compliant bus or taxis)

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Conference Logistics - Special Events/Activities:
Registration - Pre-event:
Registration - Onsite:

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