Program, Handouts & Signage


To print or not to print! Whlle we've outlined steps for printed materials, we encourage a more green approach with digitizing your event materials and utilizing your event app to provide critical information!

Conference Program:

Determine who is responsible for providing the content of the conference program

Hold a meeting with all critical players to layout conference program contents

Typical conference program contents will include:

Make a decision as to how the program will be presented:

Set deadline for the receipt of final program content

Carefully proofread conference program prior to printing

Request printing bids

Hire and select vendor

Manage print deadlines

Finalize shipping arrangements

Session Handouts:

Determine what format the session handouts will be designed in:

Determine who will be responsible for creating and duplicating session handouts

If presenters will be responsible, provide them with guidelines in terms of your expectations:  

If your organization will be responsible, have your presenters send you their final handouts in plenty of time to duplicate.  Duplication time will depend upon chosen format

Decide how and when the handouts will be distributed:

Create a policy for dealing with requests for additional handouts (e.g., available upon request following the conference)


Determine signage needs:

Consider the following:

On your site visit request a physical floor plan to identify ideal placements for signage (e.g. session signage, directional signage, entrance units)

Determine whether you will create signs in-house or hire a graphic artist (or use your decorator)

Obtain signage bids from potential graphic artists and print vendors

Obtain costs for venue to hang or display signage

Obtain costs from venue if renting space to display signage

Select vendors

Create clear outline of needs and provide to vendors for design and printing

Proof signage prior to final printing and sign off with client approval

Handle shipping arrangements to venue

Compare signage to proofs onsite to make sure they are accurate

Take photos of final signage for promotional use and client records

Tips and Tricks

Build-in time to have multiple eyes review the final proofs. It is always beneficial to have multiple pairs of eyes review documents prior to printing.

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