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Mobile event apps act as a feature-packed digital guide for attendees, driving engagement, and providing real-time event performance insights. Most event apps will offer an array of information, engagement opportunities, and interactive features that planners can use to better understand what their attendees value the most.

Consider the following when implementing a mobile app for your event:

Your budget.  Do you have the budget to source an app vendor?  Will you need to request assistance in building the app?

Monetization. Do you want to generate revenue with your app?  Utilize lead retrieval and the ability to scan badges containing QR codes? Create sponsorship opportunities through adds, banners, push notification, and premium listings?  

Best platform.  Will your app platform be available through Native App platforms (iOS & Android), Web (HTML), or both?

Design and updates.  How will you create the app and update information during the event? Will you create the app internally or source a vendor? Should you keep certain features/content hidden until showtime? Can information be added in “real time” during the event dates?  

Security measures.  Will attendees be required to login to access the app information? Will you allow attendees to opt out of being included in attendee lists and networking?

Data management.  Determine if your conference information will be uploaded into the app or synced via an integration.  

Offline functionality.  Several conference venues have inconsistencies with wifi or internet connection. Consider the features on your app that will and will not be able to function while offline.  

Pre-event and post-event attendee engagement. Will you include pre and post event surveys, polls, or voting?

Determine what features you want integrated in the app:

Determine the desired attendee engagement:

Tips and Tricks

Don’t have the budget for an event app? Offer sponsorship opportunities within the app to help cover the cost. You can sell things like banner adds, premium listings, participation in a scavenger hunt, push notifications, etc.

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