Gifts and Awards


Event giveaways and awards are often one of the most coveted take-aways! Here's what to consider.

Determine the types of gifts and awards needed for the conference:

Select the types of gifts and awards needed:

Look at various ideas for gifts and awards:

Find out what has been given out in the past.

Determine the budget for gifts and awards.

Check for any restrictions for gift-giving from both the client and venue.

Make decisions on quantities.

Do research, price comparison and check vendor references.

Select and order the gifts and awards.

Provide logos and personalization.

Decide when and where the gifts and awards will be distributed.

Decide how any requests for additional gifts will be handled.

Package or wrap gifts/awards if necessary.

Verify shipment and arrival of gifts and awards.

Note:  Large or heavy gifts or awards may require special return shipping arrangements.  Be prepared to provide this service onsite by having shipping forms and materials available.

Tips and Tricks

These gifts and awards have the ability to create lasting memories for your attendees. Great memories get shared. What kind of memories are you creating for your attendees?

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