Meeting Room Setup and Audiovisual Prep

Event Planning

Pre-planning for meeting space and audiovisual needs is critical to ensure an exceptional onsite experience. Be sure to involve your speakers in advance so their individual needs are met, and they are comfortable and ready to roll onsite.

Pre-event logistics

Ask all presenters for both General Sessions and breakouts sessions to complete an online Meeting Room Needs Form.  The form should include each speaker’s preferred room set up and their audiovisual requirements.  If you have limitations on what you are willing to provide for them, be sure to note these limitations on the form. 

From the presenter Meeting Room Needs forms, create a Meeting Space spreadsheet outlining your agenda and specific space needs.  Include the following:

Type of room set-ups available.  Note that some meeting spaces cannot accommodate some types of set-ups.

Presenter staging options: 

Audiovisual options: 

Consider other functions that may require audiovisual (receptions, parties, board meetings, etc.) and include this information in your spreadsheet.

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