Marketing Your Event


With shrinking educational budgets, less personal time, and more and more training opportunities available to attendees, conference managers need to have a sophisticated, quantifiable approach to marketing their meetings.

Outline Marketing Strategy:

Review last year’s strategy and determine what worked and what did not

Outline marketing goals and objectives

Determine audience including attendees and sponsors

Outline types of promotions to be used:

Implement Marketing Strategy:

Graphics & Printing

Research and select graphic designer

Solicit bids from printers

Select printer and share marketing print schedule

Create logo based on theme

Determine how logo/theme will be woven throughout materials:

Mailing List & Fulfillment
Brochures & Mail Pieces

Sponsor mail piece:

Initial Attendee Mailing (email blast):

Include Critical Information:

Proof and print initial mailing (email)

Send initial mailing (email)

Attendee mailer/brochure:

Include Critical Information:

Tentative Agenda:

Lodging information

Airline reservations

Car rental information

Other ground transportation

Website and Conference Blog:
Social Media:
Public Relations: 

Controlling Your Marketing Costs:

Tips and Tricks

You don't have to cover every type of marketing in your plan. Focus on the outlets that your attendees engage with the most.

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