Executive Events Team

We believe in the power of all of us, together, working as one.

So much goes into making an event special. You need an event army to get it all done.

Get to Know Us

You could say we care about our clients. But calling them clients is like calling your dog a pet. It doesn’t quite capture it.

We like our clients. Like, like, like them.

That's why we go above and beyond for them. We believe in what they are trying to accomplish just as much as they do. We are an extension of their team, and like any great team, we have each other's backs. Events take more than one brain. They take a family.

We are event professionals, yes, but we are also friends, dog (and cat) lovers, sport fans, yogis, and most of all, people. And we believe that makes us special.

You can think of these values as a guide for how to live – or use them to decide who makes the coffee.

We came up with these values to help us set clear goals and accomplish desired results. They include everything we do from assigning customer reps to picking ice breakers for the company retreat. By having a clear set of values we can create experiences our clients can rely on.

So who’s gonna make the coffee?


Keep it simple

We believe in cutting out unnecessary steps. Moving clients, attendees, sponsors, exhibitors from point a to point b with the least amount of hassle is our goal.


No cookie cutters

Each event requires its own unique approach. That is why we let our experience guide our decision making, no cookie cutters in this kitchen.


Have a plan

Things are constantly changing, which means you need a backup plan to your backup plan. Being over-prepared is our middle name.



Each of us has unique experiences and insights that we bring to the table. By working together as a tEEm, we can provide high-quality solutions to solve problems in unique ways.


Be Accessible

We pride ourselves on being responsive. Our client's needs are of the utmost importance to us. Quick responses and actions help avoid headache later.

Ok, we know what you are thinking …   cool. But how does this work? How does the coffee get in the pot?

We knew you were gonna say that. So we put together a little something to demonstrate how we take a client from ‘help me I am drowning’ to ‘Oh yeah! Let’s do that again!’

The power is in the process.

01. Identify obstacles.

Along the way we will face many obstacles. Being able to identify them early in the process will save us time and heartbreak down the road.

02. Use the right tools.

We will make sure you have the right technology and software to ensure attendees experience is optimal, and your ROI is proven.

03. Provide onsite support.

Once all the prep is done and it's show time, we will continue to be there for you. There's nothing better than knowing we got your back.

04. Enjoy all that hard work!

You did it! Your event is a success! Now it is time to sit back and enjoy all that hard work ...and debrief, and reconcile billing, and send evaluations!

Talk to an event expert.

And ensure your next event starts off right!

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