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Event planning is an art form that starts with experience.

We are a team of experts who work by your side to make sure every detail of your event is perfect.

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A lot goes into planning an event. Luckily, we have almost 25 years of experience under our belt.

Site Selection/ContractingEvent LogisticsHousing ManagementOnsite StaffingVirtual Events
importance of site selection

Location. Location. Location. Where you hold your event is one of the most critical decisions you need to make. Let us help.

This critical first step can make or break the entire event.

We will work with you to identify the best venue to meet your needs. Then, we will negotiate the terms at a price you can afford.

Countless unseen details are the difference between mediocre and magnificent.

We have the experience and training to ensure nothing is missed from start to finish, allowing you to focus on the big picture. Let us handle the rest.

Watch us check off all the boxes.

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Event Production

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Onsite Management

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Food and Beverage

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Meeting Space

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Call for Papers

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Event Summary

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Where will your speakers, VIPs, and attendees stay? How will they reserve a room? How many rooms should you secure?

We work closely with your contracted hotels to ensure deadlines are met, room blocks are maximized, and the attendee reservation process is seamless.

hotel room blocks

Manage Hotel Blocks

attendee reservations

Manage Attendee Reservations

Call-center support

Call-Center Support

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It’s time for the event. Good luck! Just kidding, we’ll be there too. Should any challenges arise onsite, we've got your back.

Our EE Family will take good care of you to ensure all of the details are executed to perfection. We will manage venue and vendor performance, organize critical agendas and flow, and find quick solutions to any issues that may arise.

Being onsite is our coliseum and we are event gladiators.

onsite event planning

Interested in bringing attendees together without the need to actually bring them together? Virtual events may be the answer.

These highly engaging virtual experiences bring together attendees via an online platform. Virtual attendees participate in sessions, keynotes, interactive meetings, and even virtual trade shows.

Give your attendees an experience they will never forget without ever leaving the comfort of their home or office. Or create hybrid events (in person and online), and maximize your marketing efforts and reach!

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Help us help you plan your next event.

A whole lot goes into an event, we’d love to help. Request a call back and an experienced event professional will give you a call at your convenience.

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