Exhibit Management Pre-Planning Schedule

Exhibit Management

Use this detailed schedule to stay on track of all your critical trade show details. While time frames can be adjusted, be sure to check the box on all details!

14-15 MONTHS

Create an Exhibit Budget

Select your Drayage and Decorating Vendors

Drayage (shipping) companies provide you and your exhibitors with professional shipping and handling to and from your exhibitors’ booths. Decorating companies handle everything from pipe-and-drape to carpet and furniture.

12-13 MONTHS

Design the Exhibit Space Layout and Usage

Secure a Lead Retrieval Vendor for your exhibitors to capture leads  

Create Exhibitor Prospectus/Exhibitor Sales Kit. The prospectus should include:

Solicit Exhibitors: It is critical to create industry exposure for your conference to find prospective exhibitors. You are able to create buzz and interest through multiple platforms:


Provide Visibility for your Exhibitors to Encourage Repeat Exhibitors and Attract New Exhibitors

Coordinate a Security Vendor

Manage Exhibitor Registration

Review all contracts and printed materials carefully and note all deadlines for submitting paperwork and payments


Make sure all booths constructions are underway and on schedule

Confirm that all signage, swag, brochures, and other marketing collateral will be ready by the event

Lock down your logistics by confirming all dates and details with your shipping, installation, and storage vendors

Finalize and confirm payment information with your vendors

Showcase your expo: send out press releases and notify your attendee base

Consider an email campaign themed to the trade show

Take advantage of social media


Ensure all show management shipments are received to the advanced warehouse (provide decorator with tracking number manifest)

Set up a call with your decorator to go through the run of show: move-in schedule and critical setup times throughout the event

Confirm hotel reservations for any critical staff


Collect final bills and review for discrepancies

Send any outstanding payments to client to approve and process

Tips and Tricks

When securing your venue dates, think ahead to effectively plan your move-in time for the expo hall. Avoid any dark days and weekend load-ins if possible to manage labor costs.

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