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Building a budget for your conference is a very important first step in your planning process. Each decision you make will have a bearing on the bottom line; so creating a clear guideline for your spending is critical. Consider all these categories and line items in your planning process.

One of the most commonly overlooked items in developing a budget is Sales tax and Service Fees. These can often add an additional 30% or more to the line item you are budgeting and many vendors will not list them obviously in contracts. Always make sure you read all the guidelines and requirements in your client contracts to be sure you are including all fees and extras into your budget.

Conference Marketing and Advertising:
Venue Selection Visit(s) and Planning Site Visit(s):
Pre-Conference Registration:
Venue Fees:
Conference Materials – Onsite Registration / Check-in:
Conference Materials – Staff Office:
Food & Beverage (Catering):
Special Events / Activities:
Gifts / Giveaways / Awards:
Estimating Revenues (If you have multiple fees, be sure to calculate based on the number of attendees paying each fee area):


200 Members @ $500 = $100,000

100 Non-members @ $750 = $75,000

Sponsor funds @ $200,000

Hotel commissions @ $10,000

Total Revenue = $385,000

When forecasting revenues, be conservative!  When anticipating expenses, consider worst case scenario.

Administering the Budget:

Tips and Tricks

Your budget will set you up for success for the rest of the planning process. Take your time to get it right now and save yourself headache down the road.

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