The Final Stretch

Event Planning

The final weeks prior to the event will be spent verifying final details, packing your materials, scheduling staff and handling shipments. This is your opportunity to double check all your planning, catch and correct errors, and ensure your vendors and staff are ready to roll.

Onsite staffing:

Review your onsite staffing needs and ensure all staff members or volunteers have been assigned appropriately.  Prior to leaving for the event, ensure your staff has reviewed the event schedule, understand their responsibilities and expectations and who to their primary onsite POC is.

Staffing might include:

Final Run Through:

Approximately a week prior to the conference, gather your key players and hold a final conference run-through meeting.  In addition to having each project champion review their final details, walk-through your agenda step-by-step to ensure all planning is complete and no detail has been missed.

Final Verification Calls:

Call each of your vendors to “touch base” and to review any final details.  Vendors would include:

Planner Checklist: ensure all the following are accessible to you at all times while onsite:

Packing and Shipping:

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