Speaker Meeting Room Needs Form

Event Planning

Here's a sample Speaker Management Needs form. Best practice is to digitize the form and utilize a Speaker Management tool to gather details.

Presenter Information:

Name:  ___________________________________________________________________________

Mobile Phone:  ___________________________   Email:  ________________________________________

Date/Time of Arrival:  ______________________   Lodging Location:  ________________________

Date/Time of Departure:  ____________________________________________________________

Presentation Information:

Date:  _______________    Time:  _________________   Location:  __________________________

Length of Presentation:  ____________________

Presentation Format:

Presentation Details (embedded videos, streaming, etc.):

Meeting Space Set-Up:

Please check one:   

Other (please describe):  _______________________________________________

Staging Needs:

Please note below what your needs are on the stage (i.e., podium, tables, stool, water, etc.):



Audiovisual Needs:

Please clearly define your audiovisual/production needs for your presentation (Apple or PC, desired connections, computer sound, required microphones, cue,      polling, etc.):

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