Onsite Logistics and Pre-Con Meeting

Event Planning

All your excellent planning now comes to fruition onsite. This is the most satisfying part of being an event planner, so relax and enjoy (and be sure to pack those running shoes)!

Onsite Logistics:  Prior To Start of Conference

Arrive at least one day prior to the conference to handle any pre-event coordination (add additional days into your contract for larger events requiring more set up time)

Walk through the venue and locate:

Identify and introduce yourself to outsourced and venue staff you have not met

Check on any VIP arrangements

Locate, have delivered and unpack any materials shipped to the venue

Set up the registration area (see Onsite Registration Checklist)

Conduct staff orientation and training, if necessary

The Pre-Conference Meeting

The pre-conference meeting (pre-con) is conducted onsite by the site staff responsible for the execution of the conference. The pre-con usually takes place a day or two before the event, and will cover all of the event details in-depth. 

In order to create the event resume, which includes the details of the entire event, the site will need to have received the following from you prior to the pre-con:

Final agenda

Description of the conference, audience and host group

Updated rooming list, including:

Amenity deliveries

Food and beverage selections, detailing set-up and serving time, plus initial guarantee

Allergies or dietary requirements of your attendees and staff

List of vendors helping to execute the event (especially those hired from outside the venue)

Audiovisual needs

List of authorized decision makers and approved signers to the master account

Security needs

Transportation needs

Décor needs

Exhibitor set up information

Shipping and receiving plans

Banners and signage information

Hours of operation for registration area and/or your office

The pre-con will typically be attended by:
Things to bring to the pre-con:
At the pre-con, you can expect:
Onsite Logistics:  During Conference
Onsite Logistics:  Following the Conference
Tips on tipping:

Be clear on the venue’s policy on tipping.  Understand who the recipients are of any contracted gratuities and service fees. 

Consider giving gratuities or bonuses to:

If you wish to tip individuals who are particularly helpful to you, start a list by writing down the names and departments of those people. At the end of the conference, assign a dollar amount per person based on your budget. You can then hand out gratuities to those staff that made your life easier onsite.

Request a cash advance against your master bill for gratuities.

Ask the venue to provide you with blank note cards if you have time to write handwritten notes to the recipients.

You may also consider giving leftover T-shirts, tote bags or other goodies from the conference instead of cash.

Tips and Tricks

When possible, delegate.

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