Creating a Production Schedule

Event Planning

Your Conference Production Schedule is a listing of all the tasks associated with planning the conference, in date order. The event manager is responsible for creating this timeline, and keeping it updated. It is also used as a tool to keep champions focused on their assigned tasks. Because each conference is so different, one timeline will not be effective for every event. Below you'll find a sample production schedule that includes many of the tasks associated with planning a typical conference. Keep in mind that if you're doing a larger conference with exhibits, planning should begin 18 months out, and the timeline will need to be adjusted.

14-15 Months Out:
12 Months Out:
9 - 11 Months Out:
7 - 8 Months Out:
3 - 6 Months Out:
2 Months Out:
One-Month Out:
1-2 Weeks Out:
On-going Duties:
Onsite Management (see onsite logistics checklist)
Post Event:

Tips and Tricks

When creating your production schedule, use a collaborative platform that allows your entire team to access and make real-time updates.

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