Passkey: Creating your own hotel reservation website

Event Planning

Why should I say "YES" to using Passkey? Choosing to use Executivevent’s Passkey license allows our team to be in complete control of your room block!

We are part of your team! Dedicated to managing attendee needs in a quick and timely matter.

Our team is ready to help with:

Eliminates the need to reach out to the hotel reservationist with every question or special request.

Allows instant results so your attendees can move to their next task. 

Attendees work with our Executivevents trained staff instead of a hotel call-center atmosphere. 

Manage single or multi-property event. Passkey has many features that highlight how unique your event is:
Allows us to get more attendees into the hotel block for a longer time. We work hard that attrition doesn’t happen!

Executivevents doesn’t like attrition either, and we are working hard that it doesn’t happen:

By working directly with your attendees via email and the call center we get a sense of what is happening and can react appropriately.

We take the hotel’s inventory and continue to manage till days before the conference!

Extensive reporting capabilities. We take the guesswork out of knowing your attendees.

Executivevents employs gurus that loves spreadsheets and analyzing data!

Complete control over hotel communications with your attendees. Taking your conference branding one step further.

Booking a hotel room is another step in the registration process and we want to help it look cohesive.

Some of Passkey’s communication features include:

Create conditional-based steps. Simplifying the reservation process for attendees!

Executivevents’ staff can setup a demo to go through the look and feel of a Passkey Hotel Reservation Site. Once we find out more about your specific needs, we can review our pricing structures whether you are adding this to an existing Executivevents agreement or a new stand-alone feature. We want to be a part of your next marvelous event!

Tips and Tricks

Open your lodging website early for specific VIP groups such as sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, etc. to allow them first pick of the hotel and room selections offered!

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