Event Entertainment


Selecting the right entertainment for your event can be a major boost to your attendance numbers. Here are a few tips to ensure this process stays on track and wow's your audiences.

Selecting entertainment vendor

Determine your budget

Identify when/where entertainment will be needed

Brainstorm entertainment options as they relate to the theme and functions.  Consider the following:

Contact the venue to determine whether they have any in-house entertainment that would be appropriate, including house music

Ask venue contact and local CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau) for recommendations on potential talent/booking agencies in the area

Research nearby attractions and entertainment options

Obtain audio and/or video samples of entertainment or link to website music and video samples

If possible, attend a live performance to preview entertainment or ask local contact to attend.

Hiring an entertainment vendor

Obtain pricing and proposals

Select vendor

Negotiate payment and terms 

Review contract and watch for … 

Decide on a back-up option in case the entertainment cancels or doesn’t show up

Pre-event planning:

Provide vendor with information on the conference theme and participant demographics so they can customize their presentation as appropriate

Determine stage set-up needs

Determine any additional sound or power equipment needs (if they weren’t already requested in contract)

Determine what will be played during live performance breaks

Handle transportation arrangements or parking permits if necessary

Arrange for entertainer dressing rooms or prep area

Arrange for entertainer refreshments, food, and amenities

Schedule entertainment rehearsal time and space, and final sound check

Determine whose responsibility it is to set-up and teardown equipment

Verify arrangements two weeks prior to conference


Assign staff member to oversee the entertainment and provide onsite support and be the onsite point of contact

Hold rehearsals and sound checks

Ensure proper break times/meals are provided

Make sure AV is running smoothly and work with AV provider is issues arise  

Have a photographer record or photograph your event

Tips and Tricks

Remember who the entertainment is for... your attendees. Make sure you choose something that appeals to them and get the most from your investment.

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