Event Billing


By establishing a clear budget and an organized billing procedures, you'll ensure the final bill verification process is seamless.

Establish well ahead of the Conference all billing information:  who will receive the invoices, who will review them and who will make sure they are paid.

Set up a master account with the venue.  Ensure the venue has a list of those who are authorized to sign charges to the master account

Keep a copy of all signed orders and documentation from the venue and vendors.

Reconcile the final venue bill when it arrives and review it carefully to make sure it correctly reflects:

Use the guidelines above to settle all vendor bills as well

Follow up on any inconsistencies in the billing

Request final and revised bills

Request commission payment from venue as soon as bill is paid

Keep records of all payments made 

Enter final figures into a Budget vs Actual spreadsheet to determine whether you achieved your budgeted goals

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